How it Works

COMING SOON! We are almost ready to start our deliveries out your way. Please check back in a week or two, we hope to be up and running by the end of the month!

If you are signing up outside of Kingston, in the East, welcome! Here is how things work for our new routes out your way. Please note that we currently offer a limited selection of items, but in time, we hope to expand that list to include more of what is available in our farm store!

Not sure if you are in our delivery area? Check out the following link to see the map! (Be sure to scroll the map to see the Eastern locations)

1. Order

Place your order for delivery

After you register then put in your order. Don't forget to order a porch box. If you don't wish to purchase a porch box, please place a cooler on your step!

2. Customize

Select items from our grocery categories - dairy, meat, produce, pantry + more

Select your items and frequency of delivery. Recurring items are very convenient; you can select weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. You can then add one-time only items to your shopping cart to accompany your recurring order if desired. Make sure your order meets our $20 minimum for both recurring and one-time only orders (excluding $3.99 delivery fee). You have until Sunday at 11:30pm each week before your delivery to make any changes.

3. Let Us Deliver

We'll deliver to your door and email you when we're on our way.

Remember to bring your order inside as soon as you can, especially during extreme temperatures. 


This delivery truck is empty!